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About me

I've been a scriptwriter for over 20 years and have had the great honour of working on some of the most popular children's TV in the world including Thomas & Friends, Horrid Henry and Noddy.  I'm also a script editor, development consultant, director and producer of kids' content.  I always try to write genuinely funny and original scripts with a true heart.  Currently Head Writer for a new Nickelodeon series and writing/directing an interactive movie for Playstation, Xbox, PC/MAC, and mobile.

I also write for video games, apps and interactive platforms including the BAFTA-nominated interactive movie THE BUNKER for consoles, PC and mobile and THE HUNTING, the world's first interactive movie.  I have written over 15 children's books including The Smelly Sprout, The Tiny Tree and Princess Chocolate. My latest, A KNOCK AT THE DOOR ON CHRISTMAS DAY, is out now.  I've also written and illustrated over 40 comedy books for my cartoon series The Odd Squad.

Please get in touch if you'd like to talk to me about your project.

Allan's agent: Janet Fillingham Associates

Allan's manager: Julie Kane-Ritsch, Gotham Group


Kids TV Scriptwriting

Never underestimate the intelligence of kids

When I'm writing scripts for children I try to write for myself first - kids are super intelligent, they understand comedy and pathos, pain and irony.  I try to write scripts which tap into their emotions, making them laugh, cry and cheer.  

Here's some of my work - get in touch if you'd like to know more or see some sample scripts.

Thomas and Friends

Written by Allan Plenderleith

Tilly and Friends

Written by Allan Plenderleith

Horrid Henry

Written by Allan Plenderleith

Dead Gorgeous

Written by Allan Plenderleith

Tree Fu Tom

Written by Allan Plenderleith

Gordon the Garden Gnome

Written and created by Allan Plenderleith


Writing for Interactive

Video Games, Apps, and Online.






Smelly Sprout App

Tickle Finger and the Dinosauras App

Tickle Finger in the Jungle

The Boy Giant App

Princess Chocolate App

Tickle Finger and the Dinosaurs



BAFTA-nominated video game for Playstation 4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch and mobile - created, written, and directed by Allan Plenderleith.  A groundbreaking feature length interactive thriller, out now.


The Next Step - Take it to the Top!

This was a great project to work on, a dance game combined with RPG elements.  I wrote the story and script and had great fun writing for all the characters.


Children's Education

BBC Bitesize

I was asked to write a new series of 10 episodes for BBC Bitesize all about KS1 Music.  It featured a fun cast of characters from the world of music including Anna Meredith, Nitin Sawney, Bob Marley and Bach!

 What are Pulse and Rhythm?

If you are starting to explore music it's helpful to know about pulse and rhythm. They're the foundations to every song.  Starring Anna Meredith!


Children's Books

Creating characters kids care about

I love writing children's books - my first book, The Smelly Sprout, was inspired by my son who refused to eat sprouts when he was younger.  I told him a story to feel sorry for sprouts and it worked, he gobbled them up!  My latest book, Teddy Christmas, is out now.


Video Games - writer director producer

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London, UK

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